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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Family Christmas 2014

Hello all,

I think it has to be mentioned first to the world:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! I love you more then anything in the world! I could not thank you enough for your support in my life and my crazy "real world" adventures that start offically tomorrow! With your guidance, I will be able to hit the moon and launch to the stars! From the bottom of my heart I thank you and will forever be in debt to you! I love you and happy birthday!

It has been a crazy week to say the least. I have not been able to write for some time now. Since graduation it has been a non stop adventure of extreme highs and lows. From the stress of packing to the excitment of travel. This Christmas was not only a treat, but a magical journey to a far away land. 

Now before I talk about this magical land, I want to write about family and holiday seasons. No matter what holiday it is, and no matter what trip or gatheriing the family has it can cause for some extrme stress and, well, intresting emotional moments that make us say things that we will always regret. 

The thing is with family, they are always there you when you need them for support or talking to. However, they are there when you are annoyed or angered. This is what family does, they love you to death. They will never leave you, no matter the words that are stated, no matter the emotional response, and no matter the time. Family is a magical thing, at least my family is. 

We are no where near perfect! We fight, we anger, we annoy, we look down on, but we support, we love, we give, we value, we create, we hold one, we breath, and so much more. Even all of the negtives that we do face in our life, we have such a strong bond that non of this matters when traveling or gathers and fights or angers spur up. We have a unity that works for us. Again, we are no where near pefect, we are not the "greatest family in the world" and we are no where near the "happiest family in the world" either, BUT we ARE the a unique group that know each other's ins and outs and I wold never trade that for anything!

I write about family first because this time a year, many people are stressed, Decemeber has turned into a month of hell and not a month of love. However, we need to step back and look at what we do have, look at the beautiful moments we have with family and understand that they aar always there and will never leave. After all of the negative moments, and hatred, and evil, taking a momennt to breath and understand the value of family and how much they should mean to you. That is all I ask from each of my readers, value family.

Now onto the juicy parts

This year, as a family we took the most amazing, breath taking trip to Mexico! I have never traveled outside of the country and the adventure of going to some far away land excited me more then anything I have done in many years. The most forign land I have been to as this point in my life was South Dakota. Where we did many fishing trips to the middle of no where land ( I really do miss those days). 

On this fmaily trip, we were out of the country for 7 days in Tulum Mexico area. We stated at this beautiful beach side resort that offered everything you could imagine! All the food and drinks were included...lets just say this can be very dangerous... and the beach had some of the whitest sands I hhave seen in my life (besides 2007 in Florida by Tampa). 

I do want to warn you that I will not have photos in this post. They are all on my phone and I am in a plane bored typing this. With out any photos, I will not go into detail about everything just an overall "YOU NEED TO GO HERE" type of thing. 

Besides the resort, food, drinks, and beaches, there are many EXTREMLY AMAZING things this part of Mexico has to offer. Basically this area is home to one of the eight wonders of the world: The Mayan Temples. We did not go to this one, but we did go to the last one you could climb. If I was you, I would go to this one, because once this one stops allowing climbers there are no more to climb. The "Wounder of the World" would be amazing to see if you care about seeing all of the wounders, but if you care more about not being to crowed, then this is a must. WARNING it can get crowed. 

Other then the Ruins, this area is home to the second largest corral reef in the world!!! This can offer amazing snorkeling and sucba diving, but when we went the waters were very choppy and made the water extremely cloudy. However if you watch water conditions, this will be magical!! Now I do suggest going to a cove area, if waters are choppy. These areas will be calmer and clearer. 

Now there is so much to do in thiis part of Mexico, we only did the two things I mentioned. 1) becuase we only had 7 days and 2) becuase we did this trip to get away and relax not to be active. So much more too explore! The history of the city of Tulum and Akumal is simply outstanding and both cities are a must visit!

Enough talking about our trip...without photos this is REALLY BORING! Look for the next post to come  VERY SOON!:D

Otherwise I hope each and every single one of you had the most amazing Christmas/insert all other holidays and was able to create beautiful memories that will be able to be told as stories in the future. Also hace an EXTREMLY safe NEW YEARS!!

Much love and excitment, 

Daniel Sukup

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