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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Graduation Picture Edition

Ok I lied, I was to publish this a few days ago...but packing,finals,etc all got in the way! 

Below are the images of Graduation through my eyes, well my camera's eyes!:) 

Yes, I got very bored and was on my phone!:)

Me before the ceromny! We had to wait for about an hour before we walked in! 

A friend from Graphic Design also graduating! CONGRATULATION! 

All of the BFA people waking!:) we represented!!

So many people! 740 walked...not that many, but made it a very long graduation!

 ...bored...had to wait for all of the Grads to walk then me!:)

Meet her at Graduation! She waited 20 years to get her degree!! So proud of her!! 

Hey guess what!! We did it!!! 

Ok that was the Ceremony and it was awesome but way to long!!!

Have a great one! I will be getting some good posts coming soon! Only 2 weeks till Mossoula!!

Daniel Sukup   

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