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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Odometer

Hello All,

i remember the time that i had to drive alone
435 was the desired distance
this made up for a new adventure

my feeling were mixed.
alone excited fear thrill
mixed into one bowl

i sat down turned the key
the start of the engine started me
place into gear backup head forward

getting on the road was fine
energy pumping and thumping
eyes wide like an add child

imagery here there everywhere
my eyes traveled east west heaven hell
excitement ran like ice-cream on a hot day

this all changed when i encounter nothing
no city
no town
no village
nothing but darkness

my eyes became like a brick dropping through water
my body wanting to stop
but knowing if i do i would die

i kept on going
finally i saw something
the thrill of the world
twisted track that weaved and waved

the worlds of thrill and excitement came to one place
as i drove by my heart leaped
leaped for the joy of adrenaline

speeding by
this new emotion ended as quite as it came
again on this road of nothing
five long hours
200 more to go

as time ticked
the number shrunk
so did my heart

my fuel to e
nothing around
could i make it
50 left
0 liquids to give

as my fear started to come true
i saw the lights of a pump that would so save
it was like seeing an angel for the first time

a quick stop
a quick break
a quick fuel
i am almost home

the final hour went by quicker then ever
i made it alone
that was four years ago
now that seems like a pebble

what faces me now
thriple the length
a new adventure in my life

will the same emotions happen
i cant say but God will be there

God will give me the strength to continue
the protection of the open life
i my have fear but know it will be taken care of

welcome to life the road awaits

- Daniel Sukup 9-13-14

As I am about to face another adventure. This one is roughly 1100 miles further then I have ever gone to work. I have been to New York for  month, but this adventure will be for 5 months! I will be on tour with the Missoula Children's Theater in Missoula Montana! I can't wait to tell you more details about this when I find out! You all will be the first to find out!

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Thank you all for reading this post, I did not use any punctuation in the writing. This is simply because I want the reader to find their own way of reading it. Find their connection to the writings and make it something special to them.

Have a great weekend,


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