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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Welcome to the Games

The count down has begun. 
Summer's grasp is fading. 
The warmth of the sun dying. 

We are entering a time,
Where dark out lives light,
Where cold harms more then warmth,
Where clear drips turn white,
Where smiles turn sour. 

Fear not, as cold is not forever.
The day shall return,
Of heat, joy, shine. 

To get there, we have to face our survival 
The battle of cold, snow, and misery. 

Welcome to the Games, Let's Play!

-Daniel Sukup 9-11-14

I decided to start write a poem/story everyday till I graduate. 

At first I was just writing, and then the idea came to make a series. This is the first series called 'Let's Play'. It will feature writing revolved around the idea of a game, good or bad. Let see where this goes!


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