New Experience

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The only thing is

I'm not sure what I want 
I don't know what to say 

I just want to go back 
To the point where I live 

I'm not sure how much I love you 
I'm not sure what the actual name is 

The fact that you are not the same 
The fact that you can get a new one 
The fact that you have no idea what I'm doing 

I just want to go 
I love you so much 
I don't think that I can see you 

You know that you have no clue 
You can see it 

I just got to go 

-Daniel Sukup 

This poem was done with ios8's new feature "prediction" keyboard. It predicts your next word. When I saw this I new I wanted to write something from it. It only gives you three words to select from, very hard to make something make sense from so few of options. Hope you enjoyed. 

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Anonymous said...

It's it love :dad