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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Show update pt 2

To continue the series on show update. 

Focus today is on Act 2!

Yesterday I left at intermission. What happens at this point?

A 15 minute break! Yes I get to sit down....said no one ever!:) I don't have to rush, but I get all of my Kothee stuff on underneath my 2.2 stuff. Fix my makeup so that Ashley won't yell at me!:) then head to the top. 


This is the Drill! An absolutely amazing part of the show! Hearing that many guns go off at the same time is incredible!! I am no where near the stage at this point, just getting ready for 2.2


The council! A great moment between Black Hoof and Tecumseh! Both battle it out in a debate of power. Who will win, I don't know, but I am sitting top level of the stage right prom look down at them. I feel that I should have been blocked to have popcorn to watch this argument unfold!:)


Not in these scenes, however this starts, what I call, the chain. That is the name I have given it. What it means that this marks the first change to Kothee. You will see what I mean in a few words. 


After a change to Kothee, I have this beautiful scene with Tensk! Watch for me running across stage to alert Tensk about Tecumseh coming back! Haha someone is about to get in trouble. 

This scene takes place on the Stage Right Prom, mid level. 

I don't want to give out any spoilers, so I will continue. 


Not in this scene, but pay attention! This scene is very important! Well every scene is important. They all need each other to work. 

After exiting SR, I run over to SL to change back to general indian for 2.7. 

This change is roughly half of what the last change was. I would say a solid 90-120 seconds. I may be off my rocker, but it feels like that. 


Enter SL prom with my favorite Headdress on! This scene we could see a break out of war!:) will it happen? I guess you will have to see it and find out!!


After leaving 2.7, that second that I am off stage, I start to take off items. 

Once we have been given the cue to move freely backstage becuase of horses, I have to SPRINT!! 

Take the headdress off and grab everything I have to race over to SR to change to Kothee!

This is a super quick change! So quick that I use the amazing help from the Stage manager!!

To change to Kothee from a general indian this is what happens:

Change costume
Change chest plate
Change wig

Have a few seconds to look good
Get on stage! 

I would say that I have a total 2 minutes from the start of the Sprint to waking on stage. That is not a lot of time at all!!


Enter SR prom and light a firepit!!!that made me super duper excited this year to light one!;)

I also get to be next to the POOF POTS! It is super awesome feeling that heat!

Ok I can't spoil this scene, but it is awesome!!


This is the favorite battle of them all!

This is the BIG BOY! 

Many explosions, gun fire, crazy combat, and much death!;)

Look for me doing a roll center stage. 

Hint: this roll is a cue for the next reciprocal to go off!;)

And let it be known that Kothee, who followed Tenks this whole time, is killed! 


The last of the "Chain"! I change back into general Indian and get ready to stage on stage for the rest of the show!:) 

If you don't know why I called it the chain, here is why:

2.2 general indian
2.5 Kothee
2.7 General
2.8 Kothee
2.9 General 

It has created a chain!;)

Ok moving on!


After being on stage, a small battle happens, I make the smart decsion to leave. I have my backstory why I leave! We can get into that later!:)

After the Battle, and certain events happen. I am apart of another favorite moment of the show. I carry off someone! I have to be vague, some people don't like spoliers!;)

That ends the show! 

Then it is the coolest part of the show: Meet and Greet!! That will be discussed in pt. 3 tomorrow!

This year is really cool. Last year I used a lot of fire, this year I get to carry a lot of people! 4 to be exact, and I get carried once!;)

You may have notice that I used "favoirte" a lot. That was not on accident. There are way to many moments in his show that I simply love that I can't have one favorite moment. 

Later on this season I want to write a post about the major battle and what happens. Tell you some secerts about the battle! You would be the only people that would know, along with the cast!;)

Anyways I have some stuff to do, have an amazing weekend!! 

Daniel Sukup 

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