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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Show update pt 3

In the final show update I will discuss what happens during pre-show and post-show. 

Preshow madness?? Na there is no madness that happens. 

However is does take some time to get ready for this amazing show! 

First off show starts at 8pm. What time do you think I start to get ready?? 

6pm! It takes me a good 25 minutes to get my body paint on. 

Another 5 minutes to paint my face

Another 10 minutes to pre-set everything 

That usually gives me about 10-20 minutes (depending how slow I am) to play some games of Ninja! 

Ninja is an awesome game where you have to hit their hand. If you hit anywhere else it does not count. One move and one reaction is allowed. 

After these games, we have company call at 7pm on the dot! 

At company we talk about everything from Combat notes, horse notes, make-up notes, and also acting notes. 

After notes we do our warmups. Vocal and body! It is a great time to get ready for the show. After this we usually have about 25 minutes till places. Some people finish up pre-sets, some finish up costumes. I make sure to relax and have a drink of water!

That is pre-show. 

Post show is simple: put everything back where it belongs!;)

Before post-show we have one of the coolest things ever: Meet and greet!!

If you see the show, please take the extra 5 mins to go through meet and greet! 

Just the other day I met someone from Stockholm!! It was amazing to see that they loved the show!! For me this is my favorite part of the show. Getting to see the smiles on their faces, the excitement they have. Knowning that they have been impacted by this show somehow. Just like I was impacted wht sleep no more!! 

Please spend the extra 5-10 minutes to go through meet and greet! 

Love you all

Daniel Sukup 

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