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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Show Update pt. 1

I just realized that I have not really updated anything about the show. 

Today I will let you in on what I do durning the show. 

It is a crazy run this year. In short, I don't have anytime to sit down. Maybe a little at the top of act 2 but other then that...NONE!

Here is a break down of scene:


I am on SR Prom top left before ambush. 
Durning ambush, I fight Simon Kenton and get my butt kicked... but Live! 

This year I am in the touture scene!! I don't mess with the captive, but here is a spolier alert:

When you see me go behind the captive, I am handing off a blood bag. 

After this scene, carry the captive off. 


This is the Leanig Tree scene, not in this year. However I still have to run over to stage left to change, clean up, and get ready for 1.3. 


I am not on the main stage! However it is so worth it, I get to walk a horse!:) I love me some Phoebe (name of the horse) 

Look for me using the pond path twice durning this scene. 


Again, even though I am not in this scene, I have so much to do!!

I have to change costumes - this is the log part - and I have to fix my makeup - this takes the longest. Usually I can get done before the music cue but sometimes I don't. The music starts signals for the end of 1.4


A nice easy scene in terms of movement. 

I enter Stage Left in the tunnel carrying the Chief's stool. 

This scene, I kneel behind the Chief and that is that. Of course I am in agreement with the Chief, but not for Tecusmeh leading. 

Once the scene is over, we run off like mad men through the stage left tunnel for 1.6


Thankfully I don't have a costume change -that is saved for act 2. This scene I enter with an evil white man that we are trading off. I don't like him very much as you may see. He is getting traded for my brother in this scene. 

When we left him go, I make sure he has it!:) 

This scene is one of my favorites becuase there is this great tension, but also a nice peacfulness that is later destroyed at the end! 

I can't give that away!:)


After being involved with a special moment in this show, we exit stage left again. This is the one time I have some time to relax...ish. 

I have a small costume change and this head over to stage right to get ready for the best scene of this show! 


This scene is crazy. 

Here is the simple run down:

Enter stage Right cross to stage left

Exit stage right 

Sprint (and I mean sprint) to stage left

Enter stage Left

Exit Stage Right 

Sprint to stage Left 

Enter Stage Left!:)

I love that moment! I guess I love being times and I have to be on stage at a certain point to be able to get my weapon and war paint on. Sometimes I cut it very close!;)

This scene is all about the plan and Tecumseh getting us all rallied up! This is where my favorite moment happens:


This year you will see me with a spear. I am a head attacker this year. Tony and I get to "kill" the head stag!;) that is such a fun moment!! 

At one point I am handed the Cermonial War Spear! I must say that I am thrilled to be holding this. Do some research ok regarding the importance of this war spear and you may see why I was thrilled to be holding it. It is basically a honor to hold this! 

At the end of this dance we exit stage left again. At this point there will be a 15 minute intermission!

Break time? Nope! You will just have to wait to read about what happens at intermission through the rest of the show!;)

That concludes Act 1 blocking and break down that involves me. If you are seeing the show...hint hint.. This will be very valuable for you!:)

Have a great Thursday! Look for act 2 break down tomorrow morning!

Daniel Sukup 

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