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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Adena show

Hello all,

Well that time has come for Adena! This is a one act play name "shawdows of Destiny" that is being put on as a fundraiser for the Adena Mansion. 

This show runs for about an hour and has about 30 cast members. It is a site specific theatre piece. This means that this piece is specifically wrote for the Adena Mandion location and no where else! 

Today we had a "tech" day. We got all of our timing down for the show later today! We also got all of our props for the show. I got an old English tavern pipe. These are really cool!

English Tavern pipes were a social pipe and the end would be snapped off once one user was done. These were not long term pipes of course:)

During our breaks we got lots of coffee and snacks! It was awesome!!! They had donuts, granola bars, and other items as well!! 

After the "tech day" we finished up early because of the rain. It was nice, but adds a little nerves to the show. We have not full ran the show with everything non stop! But I am not worried!:) these people seeing the show only paid $100 per seat!!

Yep it is one of those type of fundraisers where you have to have money!! Lol

Well I will get some photos of it this evening!!!:)


Daniel Sukup 


Tami Sukup said...

Who did you play and what is the overall story of the One Act.? Sounds like a good time. Is this only ran once? Look forward to pics and proud of Tecumseh actors for supporting this benefit. Seems Tecumseh continues to be strong supporters of the local area. Hope the show went well and fun was had by all.

Daniel Sukup said...

Show is tonight! So hopefully I will get photos soon and will answer all other questions soon!