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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Big 37

Hello all,

We are now officially Half way through! This is crazy to think that we only have 37 shows left!:( 

I have been so blessed to be apart of this amazing cast and crew! I have had an amazing experience this summer!

I have learned so many great things! From horse riding with saddle and bareback, stage combat, highfalls, play with fire, shoot some guns, and much more! This is like a play ground for adults! If you don't have fun then You are going it wrong!

Every night I am usually asked at meet and greet if this is a fun show to work on and my answer is always this: "Yes! We get to play cowboys and Indians on this adult playground!" It is simply a blast!

I am excited to share every moment (or try to) with everyone that can't make the show! It is exciting to me when these people are so happy to read these posts or here from word of mouth. I can't tell their excitement in their voices when I tell them everything. To each and every single one of you (you all know who you are) Thank You! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you! I honestly could not have as much fun as I do or make it this far without your support! So triple the Thank you!!

Finally as we enter the downhill of this show, I look forward to what lies ahead! I will be saddened with the finally show hits, but I will be thrilled to hit the streets with the new knowledge I have that will only better myself! Later this summer I will be announcing some current projects that I have lined up already after this show! 

Until next time,

Daniel Sukup. 

Have a wounderful day! It is Saturday and that means you all better take a day for yourself!!


Anonymous said...

Dan man I am so proud of have grown so much...I am so happy for you....this post shows you have matured so much..never forget where you came from ...and being kind is always a plus ...which shows in this post ....I love so much bud ...keep reaching for your dream because it is. Not impossible. Love ya. Dad

Daniel Sukup said...

Thank you so much dad, that means a lot!