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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Understudy show went....

Hello all,

Recently the understudies went in, not all of them, just had 6 go in. I was involved in the bump! 

How did it go?

The show was amazing! I was still surprised to see so many understudies go in. On the Indian side we had 4 go in and in the white guys side we had 2 go in. It was almost a whole new cast on Monday! 

The good thing is that the audience loved the show just as much! 

I want to give a shout out to Walker for an amazing Tecumseh! This was the first time he played the role with costume, fights, and full cast. He was great!!

I also want to give out another shout out to Chris Sylvie for playing Leaning Tree. He was awesome! It was so much fun here my scene for once and it was great! 

Also great job to the rest of the understudies! We made it! Nothing horrible happened and it went very smooth! 

As for my Frog Hunter, I was thrilled to nail the lines and blocking down! This was the first time I did that because in the understudy rehearsals there was always something that I screwed up! 

Well that is all for now....oh wait! I want to thank all of my readers! We just hit 1000+ views on this blog! This means that both blogs are now over 1000+ views! Thank you all so much!!

Love you all,

Daniel Sukup 


Tami Sukup said...

Congrats. Continue to push yourself as an actor. I am so proud of you. Hope this coming year opens many doors of opportunity. god Bless. Love, Mom

Daniel Sukup said...

Thank you!