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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lounge Tech

What a crazy 3 cruises this has been. For 14 days I have been on double duty. First and foremost I am doing my normal stage staff work but on top of that, I am working as the Lounge Tech! 

With only a three day handover, I have had to learn 5 differnet venues across the ship. These are the venues that host anything from live music, trivia, special events, and basically anything else that provides any entertainment to the guest. 

This has been an extremely fun experience, even though it has been extremely stressful at times, to be working all around the ship. Having to experience simple and complex problems has made my hair want to fall out! :D

One of my favorite events to work is Quest! Everyone goes crazy and it is a huge party. Quest is an event that teams have to present our Crusie director with items or actions as provided by himself. People get extremely rowdy. It is one of those events you have to experience to understand how amazing this is!!!

One night, when a show was to take place, the system locked me out. That was a fun experience to deal with, having to start about 10 minutes late. However, we all learned a lot, and best of all we got through it!!

Over all it has been very positive, no major mess ups that could not be fixed ASAP. It will be nice to get back to normal duty of work, but it has been an extreme pleasure doing something different. 

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