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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Arcade Nights

Ok, this I needed to share. 

On Royal, the HR has many different events for the crew. Such as Arcade nights!! 

We have an arcade onboard and on certain nights they turn the machines to free and we get about 2 hours worth of gaming!! 

It is one of the most fun you can have. Intense gaming for a few hours!! There is this one Priate game shooting game that Jeananne and I played all night!! 

When we played this game, we had only one goal in mind: beat our high score and make the top 5 on the score list!!

After 3 rounds of playing this game, we did it!! Made our new high score!! We were top 5!!

That was the only game we played that night, because we were on a mission. However there are a lot of other games as well. Such as AIR HOCKEY or GUITAR HERO!!

Over all these arcade nights are one of the best things to look forward to! But my favorite nights are Wine and Cheese nights!!:D

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