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Sunday, January 31, 2016

4 Months

Recently,  I just completed 4 months on a cruise ship and it has been an adventure for the books to say the least. 

Hello all, I hope that March has been a treat for each of you. I know mind has entered like a lion and will hopefully exit like a lamb. 

Being on this cruise ship, for living sakes, has been a journey. From extreme highs and lows, I have personally learned a lot about myself and what I need from a job. 
In short, this has been a very positive experience. 

In length, I am still blown away that it has been 120 days on a vessel. I have had 58 port days and 62 sea days. I can tell you that out of these days, I have been off this ship a lot less then that. When you work on a ship, you really are on the ship your full contract with hours off to explore the port or relax. 

My cabin, or I should say closet, becomes my little piece of heaven, a space to escape the ship for a hot minute. I have learned the movies on the crew tv by heart as they repeat so often. The outside world becomes a thing that you think exsits.  And WiFi is the best thing in the world, right behind downloadable TV movies and episodes. I have stated to read a lot and work on my style of art. All of this has had very positive experience to learn from. 

I still can't believe that it has been 4 months. I have made so many friends that will last a life time. I have had this honor to work with many cultures, learning different ways to do simple tasks 

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