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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Key West

One of my favorite ports! Not because it is in Americs (ok a little), but it is extremely unique from the art scene, to the hole in the wall resturants and bars, to even the natural views. 

This city has so much to offer the average joe all the way to the adventurous soul. 

One of the coolest spots to the "Southern-Most Point of America"! At this point you are only 90 miles from Cuba, the furthest south one can be in America! The monument does get crowed but it is well worth the experience to say you went there!!

Another cool spot to go is Mile Marker 0! The only one in the USA!! Nothing extremely special about this mile marker, they are all like the others in the country, but there is something about a giant 0!!

Key West is also home to the "furthest south" National Park (I self claimed it as that, they don't advertise it)! For only $2.50, you are allowed to in to this park and it is so beautiful! If you want to escape all of the tourist then head here for an afternoon of relaxation!! Plus to top it off there is a very small beach where very few people go to!!

The resturants and bars are nothing you have seen or been to before. If you are will to have an experience then Key West will not disappoint. Bars with every type of theme imaginable, food creations that will simply fill your soul, and drinks like no other. There is also much more "normal" stuff as well if this does not interest you. 

One of my favorites to go to for a drink is the Porch. This place has incredible selection of beers that will blow your mind. There is also a really good chocolate place near by to feed your sweet tooth. 

This about does it for Key West! I am slowly running of topics to write about, however I hope to have some amazing news soon!:) 

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