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Thursday, February 18, 2016


This is one of my favorite times of the year. Winter is almost over, days are getting longer, the beauty of Spring is arriving, and summer is almost here. What could be better? 

Ok, winter is still here for a little bit longer but it is getting closer every day. 

Ship life is still treating me good, even though there are many days I want to be back in land. I know there are lessons for me to learn here on board that have not be learned yet. 

Today I want to specifically talk about how some people discredit stories of religion based on science. 

Science has been a great tool for a lot of things in this world. We have found out information regarding the natural laws or the mandatory laws. Science has done incredible work in many fields that deal with our very own lives. I don't want to discredit any of that. 

However, people do seem to forget that science is only accepted as truth until proven false, meaning it is only a hypothesis and can not and should not be taken as a life or death truth. 

Now, when it come to religion and their stories about how things are or came it be, I get annoyed. Just because something sounds extremely impossible, or improbable because we have no evidence of it every happening that way, does not mean it did not happen that way to those people that are recalling the past. 

No one of this earth right now was physically alive when a majority of these stories where seen or first told. Thus nothing can ever be proven that what has been stated is not truth. 

Ironically, if we look at religion as a science, then we should accept all information as truth, until proven false. However, to repeat myself, since majority of all religious stoires happened many years ago (before our current lives), it is impossible to fully place forth evidence that what has been stated is 100% false.  

I feel the most interesting point regarding these stories is the fact we don't know why these stories are told the way they are told. It could be as simple as trying to get their people to understand the story/lesson better. This helping all ages become stronger in the faith. 

For me, this is the best part of religion: having faith. Most cases you are never able to "see it to believe it" and thus you have to have this strong desire to believe it with your heart, mind, and soul to have faith. 

I do want to again clarify that I no manner am I an "anti-science" person. Science has given us an incredible amount of information regarding so many topics in our human life that I don't discredit science as a whole. 

I will leave with this quote:

"One day you'll discover that death is not what you might imagine it to be; but then, neither is life. Either might be wounderous, filled with change, or if you don't awaken, both may turn out to be a considerable disappointment." -Dan Millman 

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