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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Life is Incredible.

Life is simply amazing.

It is the ultimate gift. 

We have one life. 

Be in the present. Be in the now.

I say this because just recently I lost an incredible friend and mentor. Her battle with cancer is finally over and now she is playing the piano above and looking down at all of her students preforming on the stage. 

It will be strange not seeing her. But I know that see will always be there. 

Life is the greatest gift given to us. 

Each stage of life teaches lessons that help us along this journey and we may not realize at the moment the lessons presented.

Life is precious. 

You will never know when this gift will end for the physical world. This is why we have to take time and cherish every moment, respect ever moment, and learn at each stage of life. 

Life is short. 

In our terms it may seem long, however with a blink of an eye it is over. It may last  X amount of Earth years, but eventually we will be back to our father. That is when our spirit is continued. 

Life will end. 

This is the truth that all need to understand and it should not be feared but celebrated. It is sad to see the physical body end as the spirit travels on. But in the end this world is a placeholder as the spirit travels to the one gift that is great then physical life: eternal life. 

Have an amazing day today. Make memories that last forever. Spread Positivity. Erase Hate. Live in harmony. 

Daniel Sukup 

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Anonymous said...

You are so right ...... Life is a gift.. Enjoy every moment.. Learn the lessons that life will teach you... Knowledge is power , embrasce it with all your inspired by the wonderment of it all.... Love ya dad