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Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Years Cruise

The New Years Cruise.

What a trip these last few days have been on board and off. 

First off it seemed December was not going to leave without a bang. There needed to be more drama before she said goodbye forever. Lucky, all is good and remains positive. Because you know, when you are faced with negativity - bet it with Positivity!:D However, let's not talk about the boring details. 


On board we had many activities for the guests!! More music, more food, more celebration! It seems that in Cruise life, the Holidays wear you out even more then land holidays. 

The main attraction that the Stage Staff was involved in was the Balloon drop!! We had a 1000 balloon drop for New Years and it was AWESOME!!  

Just look at all of those photos!! Crazy!!

There is Ed getting very close to cutting the string!!

BALLOONS!! So Many!!!

Falling 8 decks!!

All the way to the floor!!

It was a beautiful sight to see!! I love Balloons, but our drummer does not!  
He hates the popping sounds of balloons. 

That is the exciting stuff of New Years!

But wait there is more!!

The crew party was insanely amazing!! so many amazing friends, so much dancing, so many great memories!! Plus so little sleep! I did not get to sleep until 5am! But it was well worth it!

One amazing thing they allowed us to do was head up to the guest area's night club and it was amazing to see this!! We have a roaring bar!! I did not know that at all! 

The night ended with a lot of good memories, fun times, and a beautiful start to 2016!! 

Now that all the major holidays are over, it is time to rest and catch up with my readings, photography, and what else I can think of!!

Happy New Year everyone!!

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Cathelyn Jones said...

You got some great pictures of the New Years Eve balloon drop! Glad your crew party was a lot of fun.