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Monday, November 30, 2015

A Moon View Away

A Moon View Away

Traveling on a cruise ship has so many perks, a big one is traveling. Traveling has always been a major dream of mine. Over every other dream, I have always wanted to experience other cultures, meet new people, and experience new places. 

Don't get me wrong, working in a job you love (theatre) does not hurt either. 

However, traveling comes with one major downfall for my personality. When I meet these new people and experience these new cultures, a bond is formed. Many times this bond is like glue, never wanting to come apart. It becomes hard. 

Maybe I have to much emotion. Maybe I form to strong of relationships. But at the end of the day, that feeling I get (like ripping duct tape off your leg hair), just proves that it all means something.

If this has ever been experienced by any of you, always remember that you are a moon view away!

I just got off the phone with my Mother, and it is hard sometimes, ok let us be real is sucks, but we have to remember that technology is incredible and the moon is always in view! When I can't call, I simply look up! I know that my family is looking up. 

As I go down this life trail, I have to start thinking that each moment is a feeling. Sometimes this feeling hurts (in a good way), and this tells us it was important. 

I hope this message helped you in some way. 

Never forget someone out there is missing you. 
Never forget you influenced someone. Never forget we are all in this together. 

Daniel Sukup 


Anonymous said...

Very neat bud,, and cool,, will always know you r a moon view ya dad

Tami Sukup said...

I see the moon and the moon sees you, God bless the moon and God bless you. When I miss you the most, I know I can look up and send you a "Goodnight, I Love you" message to that moon and somewhere out in those waters on a ship you are seeing that same moon. I wouldn't hold you back for the world, but I sure miss your face. So glad we are able to speak often. Love you Forever and Always.

the mother ship said...

And as one of those chance in space and time bonds with you, like your Mom, I miss your face and your sweet Daniel Sukupness. ;)

Daniel Sukup said...

Love you to! Thank you!!

Daniel Sukup said...

That was sweet!! How long did that take to write!! Love you bunches!!

Daniel Sukup said...

Awe!! I miss you so much! This coming summer, if you are still in NC I am hoping to be stoping through! I would love to visit!!