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Monday, November 30, 2015


Merry (belated) Christmas!!

I hope everyone had an amazing Holiday season. We only have one more holiday in 2015!! That is a crazy thought!!

Well, this was my first Christmas away from family, and to be honest it was not hard but it did not feel like Christmas! 

Onthis ship, they try to do everything they can do to make it Christmas. We decorate (not elaborate), Santa visits, they provide different types of mass, and us crew get different treats. 

The last part was the nicest!! They gave us 4 days of free internet! 2 very nice dinners! A large book bag (it is very nice to be honest)! And an all crew party!! This 4 day cruise has been very strange, but it has been a treat. To bad it won't last!;)

Other then the extra stuff the ship does for crew, the only other differences are the extra activities for guests. Over all, it just did not feel like Christmas!

Our next cruise, which is about to start will be our New Years Crusie!! I will be on duty so I will be pulling the ballon drop! Not going to lie, I am so looking forward to making 1000+ balloons drop!! 

I hope everyone had an incredible month of December. It seems that December is always the hardest month! I pray that everyone is safe and well!


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