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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Celebration in Mexico!

Birthday = Awesome

Birthday on a cruise ship = stunning

Birthday in Mexico on a cruise ship = INSANE!!

That is what happened for me. I was in Mexico, Cozumel to be Exact. 

A group of us decided to head to No Name, a bar that is run by ex crew members. 

This bar Has a walk of shame, a wall filled with sea pass cards of people that have been fired from cruise lines. 

But even better, this place has a swim up bar, a pool, and ocean access!! You can jump off a 20 foot wall in to the ocean! 

This day was perfect! Getting to relax in the ocean/pool on a beautiful sunny day with a tasty drink in hand. Needless to say this was one awesome birthday!

We were able to stay at no name for about 5 hours, which was extremely nice since gettin time off the ship can be hard. 

Now before we got off the ship, I had to go to drill and then jump down the emergency chute. That made for an excellent start to my morning. 

That was a backwards way of how my day went, but Mexico was a treat to celebrate my birthday. I could not thank my friends that took me out to celebrate, you all made the day very special and one I will soon never forget!! 

Thank you!!

In the next post I will talk about our imentertainment on board!

Daniel Sukup 

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great birthday.. So neat to have nice friends like that ,, enjoy it all,,hanging onto the horns has rewards