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Saturday, October 3, 2015


Ok, by now most people know my next big adventure! Look for a post here soon about what cities I will be going to soon!

Today I want to talk about family. I have talked about family many times, each one a little different. Now I get to write as an "adult". 

I have been "unemployed" for over a month. I use quotation marks because I had a future job in line! 

Since September 4th, I have been at home, with the company of my family. For the first month, it was nice but I was getting restless and annoyed not working. Not know when I was going to my next job was putting a blind up on cherishing my time with family. I was enjoying it, but not to the degree that I should have been. 

Once I learned about my job on September 30th, I then had an end date wth family. I was given one more month with family. This was exciting, this took the blinds away and allowed me to fully embrace my family and understand that it was not going to be "forever".

Now, with less then a month before I go on my cruise, my time with family has been more Cherishable and memorable. 

It hit me, why do I need to know an end date to value family more then what I was? Having a date that it ends, forces us to take in every moment more then when we don't know. 

If we keep going through life acting like we have forever, then each moment will never reach the richness it could. 

However, if we live as if the next day it all ends, each moment of that day will be richer. Making memories that are vivid and complete. 

Out of these two months, I can guarantee that I will remember this last month more then my first month, simply on the fact that I have an end date. 

Just remember, out of all of this, cherish each moment because we don't know when it will all end. 

Thank you
Daniel Sukup 

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