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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Arnold's Park

What a fun surprise it was when I found out how close I was to Arnold's Park! Of course I needed to get my credit on the 'Ledgend' to get my coaster count that much closer to 100!

This was a very small park, but did offer some flat rides that you will not see at any major park. That was treat in itself. 

The entrance to the park is a very unique one! To be honest this is one of my favorites, to bad that is the real coaster going over!!

After you park, you are invited to play on insturments at the harmony park! This was a blast and could see people really enjoyed playing!

After this park, you can enter the amusement park!:D

The first stop was the tipsy house! I have never been in one and I was very pleased! It goes right over the Ledgend coaster!!

Dad trying to sit down on a bench!

The now famous 'Point of No Return' sign! With smaller parks they don't have loose article signs or rules, so taking a picture of this sign was not breaking the rules!;)

You know, I know these don't mean anything new when it comes to landmarks, but they are so much fun to read about! Ledgend is the 13th oldest coaster in the world!!

This ride I have heard about from other enthusiasts and it did not disappoint! This is the most ghetto ride I have ever been on! It is best experienced then talked about!

I am going to guess that this used to be for their old roller coaster that used to be in the park. Now they have a log flume!:D "we're on a log flume..."

This small ride is best described as a super mini Huss swing! This ride swings and spins, but as you can tell, it is very small!!

Leaving the park!:( it was a super fun trip! This shops outside the park are fun, but the best hidden secret is the boat museum!! They have Arnold Park history in side and it was a treat to see what the park used to be!!

This is a working haunted figure from their haunted ride they used to have!

Anyways, the park was very fun and I enjoyed it A lot!! Very small, unique, and home to a very old coaster! 

Till next time,

Daniel sukup

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