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Friday, September 11, 2015

Going to a Fair

I have not been to a fair in year! So it was a surprise to me that my family and I decided to go to the "World's Grestest County Fair" and it did not disappoint! 

From rides to events and exhibits as far as the eye can see. Let's not forget about the traditional fair food! 

I had a blast and captured my trip!

Let's start the day off with a group shot at the entrance! Parking was free and they even shuttled us to the gate! So far a great start to the day!

One of many exhibits at the fair! He would crave the trees to be like this. It is an amazing talent and to watch him do it was such a treat. 

For $5 you could shot paintballs at a trailer!!

Dogs racing with monkeys as their jockey! It honesty was a very funny sport to watch! 

 This was a van that they were painting as 'Starry Night' and I got to paint it and sign the bumper!!

Now on to my favorite parts! RIDES!!

gravatron!! I have not rode this style of spinning ride and now I finally have!! Have to admit that I am more enjoy Gravatrons ten Rotors!!

The rides! I also have never rode the ring of fire and that was an interesting experience to say the least! I did enjoy the ride, but why did Six Flags add these??

Fairs never have rules!! About to drop on the Super Shot!

These Acrobatic dudes where very enjoyable to watch. They used the space and made sure the audience was engaged!

Night shots!! I did not ride anything at night because we were leaving but captured a few beautiful images!!

It was a very fun day! I was impressed by the fair, have not been to one in years, and simply enjoyed every minute of it!! What a wonderful experience!!

The rest of the photos are on Facebook! Next post will be about Arnold's Park!

Daniel Sukup 

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