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Monday, July 13, 2015

Inside Out

Hello all,

What a beautiful day, well cloudy weather here, to write words in a digital relam. Recently I saw the movie 'Inside Out' and Pixar did not disapoint me in my movie going adventures. I don't want to write a review on the movie, becuase it would the be world's shorest review: AWESOME! Instead, I want to write about something that it made me feel: Family.

I have been working away from my family for 9 months now. Unlike school, where I could visit and miss classes, real worldness you don't have that option as much! Out of these 9 months I have not lived closer then 13 hours away from my family, and the furtest being 22 hours, has been intesting to say the least.

It has not really hit me until recently on how much family means to me, even more so then in college. Family is my support beam that has been there to hold me up while I get my footing in this real world lifestyle. Pushing me to hold strong to my dream and never letting go of my drive to do the impossible.

Honestly, I miss my family so much and would love to spend a lot of time with them but I know that if I want to reach my dreams, I would be doing more harm to the support of my family by coming back to "safety". It is a tough road as an adult (I am finding out) but it is a beautiful one. It reminds me of summer vactions, just hasve to pay for everything!

How does this all fit into 'Inside Out'? If you have seen the movie, it deals with emotions and more precisely interactions with family. After seening it, it forced me to reflect about my family and my life. All in good vibes.

That is todays thought! 

Daniel Sukup

P.S. I hope you all are enjoyingn summer, we got nailed yesterday with ann extreme rain and flash flooding was a major concern. The stage is getting fixed today and will be ready for tonight preformance! Our AT's are some of the best people around this season and could not thank them enough for all the hard work they have done! So to al of the AT's THANK YOU!!

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