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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring break

Just as the title says:


What a crazy idea, I am graduated and I still get the beauty of spring break! I am so excited!! This week so far has been everything a person could imagine! From relaxing, to shopping, to sighting seeing, to bike riding, and even swimming! We have it all and we did not have to go to Florida for this!! We are in:

Sandpoint Idaho!
This town is obviously a very big tourist town, but not in the spring time! This town is alive with heart and not filled with tourist! That is the lake that we are staying on, and it is so beautiful!!! Mind you it is about 50-70 feet lower during the winter time period and full in the summers! 

This lake is the 5th deepest lake in the nation, at a staggering 1200 feet deep, some locals believe that it is much deeper then that!! 43 miles long, 111 miles of shore line and unlimited amount of fun, what better place for SPRING BREAK!! (ok, not going to lie, Florida would be amazing!)

We got up here on Tuesday, and will be here until Sunday when we have to go to Kalispell for our next week!! I hear there are four other teams in the area!! Can't wait to catch up with them all!!

Tuesday we really did not do much, got checked in and looked around. But the real big fun started Wednesday!!

Wednesday was our first full day in the city (7,365 pop.) and when shopping at all of the amazing cool stores this town has to offer! I came up with the Idea to rent a bike as it was to be very nice this week (50s with some clouds) and I found a very reasonable shop: $20 for 24 hours!! So needless to say I am going to rent a bike!! Oh, and I bought a rock that has water trapped inside, could be thousands of years old (the water)!!!

Thursday, was an amazingly tiring day!! I rented my bike and rode everywhere that was anywhere!!! Over 34 miles of biking today!!! Yes you read that correctly, 34 miles!!! I went to 4 different towns, including one that was 8 miles away!! In the picture above, that bridge (correctly called long bridge) I biked over to the next town called Sagle!! What a beautiful bike!! 

Friday, I plan to return my rented bike, see the Movie Paper Planes (the movie theatre that is showing it here is the first in america to show it), see the musical Venus in Fur, and rest!!

Saturday I have surprises planned, meaning I have no idea what I am doing

Sunday I am going to celebrate easter the best way I know! We also have to drive to our next town!:(

Anyways that is our spring break!! I can't wait to share all developments with you!! 

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