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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Moving on!

As this contract is about to end, I think it is about time to announce my next plan for 2015!

Moving On!

It is so much fun always moving on to the next project! This is one of many reasons that I love theater and being an artist, always finding new projects to work on. Some are short term and some are long term! Today I want to announce two projects that I will be pulling my focus to after this contract with Missoula Children's Theatre is over.

First I want to annoys that I will be back at Tecumseh! this summer for the third year! I will never forget the first summer there and I asked the returnees, "why do people keep coming back?" and the best answer I received was, "you will have to wait and see!" At first I unsure about this answer and exactly the meaning behind it, however that has all changed after my first season. I honestly don't know how to explain it, there is something about that mountain that keeps calling me back. Something is not finished and I still feel the calling back to the mountain! I am thrilled to be back again this year and I am crazy positive that it will be an incredible summer at the best outdoor drama there is!!

Second, for anyone that reads this will be the first to know that I am officially going to push my photography to the next level. Starting this summer, I will start pulling more focus to capturing and make these all available to each of you! There will be more information as I define exactly what I want to do. With all of the positive push I have receive with my photography, I have decided to find the next step!

These are my next two steps after Missoula Children's Theatre. This only covers the summer, but the adventure of what happens after August 31st! Be sure to follow this blog to be the first to find out!  


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Continue hanging on to the horns,,the ride gets ya dad