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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Walking in Faith

Walking in Faith

This job has been able to do more for me then just working in the arts, it has made me much closer to my faith and discover a deeper peace. My faith has gotten a lot stronger with each awakening and sleep. I have grown to see everything that is a gift and should be treated as so. At any second it could all be taken away and we don't have a say in that. 

I have come to really see the beauty in the statement, "heaven on earth" and that our father wanted heaven to be on earth and not for use to wait till we pass. To achieve this, it has been a long struggle as there is so much ugly on this earth. People are fighting people, killing over stupid things and it makes no sense. I have began to start asking: "Why? We are all humans, one race, why can't we act like it?"

With a lot of alone time on tour, I have been able to walk in meditation and ask questions that have been on my mind. I know that as I have walked, I have seen the answers I have been looking for. There is not a doubt a creator, and this life on earth should be treated as a gift that is not promised for any amount of time. 

This job is more then a job, it has been a journey. It has been multiple journeys that have given me answers to questions that I would be more then willing to share. Answers that I continue to search for as the the journey of life is not close to being over (If I have my way!)! As spring break approaches, I have this strange feeling that I will be able to learn so much, as I will have time to sit back relax and learn. 

For everyone struggling with faith, meditate, seek knowledge and guidance in a way that works best for you. We are all different but the same, we all need a personalized way of learning but all seek the same finish line. 

Have an amazing spring time and continue with a head up!

Daniel sukup

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Anonymous said...

Neat bud you have come along way

Love dad