New Experience

Monday, May 4, 2015

The side roads

It is strange to say that MCT is over. It was my life for the past 5 months. That is not a long time, compared to others, but it is my longest job I have had. 

I learned a lot from this job. Ironically the best lesson I learned is to take the side roads. 

This lesson was greater then the many others lessons because from this I was able to stem to these other lessons. There were three major lessons to stem from taking side roads:

1) Taking a side road will take much infer to get to your location, sometimes hours longer. This is where I learned to extend my patiences. When you finally train your mind that you don't need to rush, that you will get there eventually, you start seeing very positive changes in yourself. You don't anger as easy, you manta in a "stress free" or "chilled" life longer, and you present yourself with a more positive atmosphere. 

2) taking the side roads not only enhanced my patiences, but in the process of slowing down I was able to see beauty that I did not before. 

On an interstate, you zoom past everything at a speed that does not allow you to see things, to appreciate things. Taking a slower road, allows time for these things. Being able to see towns that one would not if they were on the fast lane. Being able to see monuments, historical markers, mama and papa stores, and simply unique items made for a slower drive simply beautiful. 

My level of appreciation increased 10 fold, allowing this to extend past the visuals of the road but to the people I was working with easy week. Being able to see through their "tough" mode or see them for what others don't made this experience so much more then what it was. 

3) with interstates, it is very easy to get to point A to point B. With side roads, your focus, concentration, and presentness have to be there in order to make it to point A and B. I made this harder on myself and did not use my GPS and would "memorize" the map before we started to dive to see how far I could get before I needed a map. By the end of tour I was able to make it majority if not the full route without a GPS. 

Allowing your mind the always think like this when driving, with enhance your senses. You will be safer because you are always on the lookout, always focused for problem areas, always present at the task at hand and never are you in "auto pilot" as this would kill you. 

Using this method, allowed for the job to never become a "job" as you were always fouced on what will happen now, what is different. It was harder to become "bored"

Side roads have taught me a lot about myself and how to work and live. Before I continue: there is a time for Interstates, they are not bad and I am not saying I now advoid them. Just learned different things from different roads. 

Side roads did teach me a lot about my self, and how to use these lessons for my job. I suggest that every person to take a moment when driving to take the longer route to point A and B.