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Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Bohemian Lifestyle

It was not until about a week a go that I realized something really cool about this job! When you read about it, you will see how obvious it was!
This is very similar to our family crest!

Hello all! 

First off I pray that these days have been a blessing for you to be living! It is crazy how fast each one goes, but each one is a gift! If you live like that, no only will you feel like it is your birthday but also your days will be filled with gratitude!

Moving on to this job. As this title suggests, this is a Bohemian life style. It is a wonderful term to official term to put on my life! Some of you may frown at this term being held to my current life, but it is a beauty of a word. Bohemian lifestyle is  simply an artist or 'litterateur" who, consciously or unconsciously, secedes from conventionality in life and in art. That is exactly who I am. Not only with this job but also with my life. 

However, this job is also exactly like that. We enter a random town, either stay with a family or a hotel, and live in this town for a week, then when we are done we move to the next town! This is beautiful way of living, stay in an area for a little bit and then get to move to see another town. I love this for the adventure side of me, but also the faith side of me. 

Living life as the so so called "Bohemian" style has been a huge life lesson for me. From getting use to traveling to new areas every Sunday, to meeting some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life, to learn different lessons in my faith, and to experience different views compared to other places I have lived. Over all it has been a showcase for me to see a different part of America and learn from other people. In the end we are all a part of this human race, here to learn from each other instead of fight each other. 

I love this job, it has so much value that other jobs just simply can't offer. As I continue this journey, I will keep you posted on new adventures and happenings in my neck of the woods! Have an incredible day and make today a glorious one!!

Daniel Sukup

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