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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mid contract update

8 weeks in and 8 weeks to go!

I remember day one and how terrified it was to start this job! I did not know if I would be able to handle this crazy idea of doing a show in a week. I could not see how it was possible! After 8 weeks, about 600+ students and close to 16 shows, I can see that it is very possible to do this crazy idea!

Hello all! I hope all has been going well! This last week, was the official middle of this contract and boy have the tides changed.

This job is amazing, incredible, life changing, and so much more. As I have been able to relax more and not stress at this idea of a show in a week, I have been able to relax, because I now know my information, I have been able to explore these towns we go in and learn about these people! I can tell you there are some beautiful people in this world.

I love hearing, at the end of each week, students come up to us and tell us how much we have impacted them. It would be incredible to see what happens to them in the future, but I know that they will flourish to beautiful humans.

With less then half of our contract left, it is heart breaking but a blessing. I am sad that it is coming so quickly, but excited because we have so much more left of this tour and so many more lives to be impacted by theatre and the arts!

Thank you,

Daniel Sukup

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