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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Memories and Technology

Hello All,

It has been sometime seen I have been able to post, but I wanted to say something that I recently saw on Facebook. A person lost all of their memories not their phone, and is quoted in saying, "I have lost all of my memories..." and goes on to say that we need to back up technology.

My one question to you (and everyone else), when did technology replace the mind? When did have over 30,000 photos on your computer count as memories. When did your papers your wrote on your computer count as memories. When did it happen that our mind is utterly worthless in this world and we rely on technology to "hold our memories?"

I hate to break it to you, it is sad that information was lost on your technology device. I would be a little upset as well, but I would never consider what is on my computer "memories". Memories don't run on 1's and 0's, memories run on a soul that is unique to yourself.

Memories have the best security system ever, locked away in your mind for you to relive! Telling you about the best of times in your life, and showing you where you could grow stronger, where you could learn a lesson. Memories are our link to the past that no one can access, and they don't need a "back up system."

I officially am saddened by the thought that technology is officially replacing our mind. Rebuttal all you want, but look at 2015. We have people claiming their technology contained all of their memories, we have people glued to a computer or phone screen for hours on end, and we have people that will not communicate to humans anymore (instead they communicate through AIM, iMessage, or other services). It is slowly happening, and we are becoming more distracted from the human qualities in our life.

We spend more time inside then outside, we send more time away from nature then enjoying the gift, we spend more time fighting then listening, we spend more time with a cold shoulder then we do warming hearts, and we spend more time texting then writing letters. We are slowly losing what makes us human by going to technology (I am not talking about robots, I am talking about technology doing what humans could always do, but now we are glued to these 1's and 0's).

If your computer crashes, it does bit big time. You may have been working on a report, but you did not lose memories. You may have been editing photos (like me) and then lost all of them, it was not memories that you lost but your photos that you may have been trying to sell.

I am not saying technology is horrible, get rid of it! I am saying be careful not to use this as your mind. We need technology for work, school, and finding jobs, but we don't need it for replacing our mind. I need technology to work on my photos and publish my work and to edit my brand, and you may need it for some other reason.

Memories and Technology need to be separated by thought, and if they ever do start combining the human race is in for a scary time. When we start accepting the idea that a hardware machine can hold our memories, the human qualities are lost as the body will not work as hard to retain these memories.

My message to you, keep these two separate and NEVER combine the two, even if you don't mean to.

Thank you,

Daniel Sukup


Anonymous said...

Well said bud,, this it what Einstein warned us about...a society that lost human emotions.
Love dad

Daniel Sukup said...

I fear we are close to this time that has been warned about...I guess we will have to see what happens !