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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week 2

Hello all,

I bet most of you are waiting to hear how the first week went (in detail) and I am pleased to inform you that you don't have to wait any longer! 

As you may have read on facebook/instagram that I was extremly proud of these kids! They learned the show, the songs, the blockings, the dances all in 1 week! That is still blowing my mind! 64 cast members got together and put on a show that will hopefully be remembered forever! 

The 64 cast members had a total of 20 hours of rehearsal, not much at all, and then 2 preformances on Saturday!! Both preformances were amazing, even if their was some skipping! Speaking of skipping, I have never in my life seen actors cover as well as these kids did on a Saturday! That almost made me tear up!

Now this is not to say that this week was a breeze, it was my first week out on the road and I can say that it was STRESSFUL!! Only because there is not a lot of time to teach everything and can get very confusing to us and the cast as it is all be rushed to be put on! I will also stay that the cast made this week so much easier on us! They were amazingly well behaved and ALL wanted to take part in this amazing journey!

Last week was my first experience with a homestay, and I loved it! Meeting people that I would never have met otherwise is one of the coolest parts of this job! I got to hear their story and listen to what they had to say.

It was even more nuts when we were talking about where everyone was from, and hearing that the Mrs. lived in STL and Omaha for many years in her life! To the degree that she has a lot of family in western Iowa!! We had a lot of common ground when it came to palces we have lived!!

Unfortunely all good things have to end, well not really, we had to depart to our next destination! We were able to cut through the mountains by Glacier National Park and see some of the most beautiful senerary I have seen! (look at photos below)

I love how we went from mountains with about 30 inches of snow on the ground, to hills with inches on the ground and high wind! Still, we can see the mountains around us and it is very beautiful!! Vaughn is where we are now and I can't wait to see the school we will be working out of! This is a smaller community then I grew up in and the people are just as welcoming! I can't wait to explore the area! I hear there are some amazing trails and Dams to see!!

This was a huge Dam, but I forgot to take a photo of the dam!:( we had a snow ball fight instead!:D

They still exist!!

Some what of Glacier National Park

Beautiful, thank you whoever poured food coloring on the water!:D

An amazing gift shop!

I was scared!!

Still frightened. 

Here comes week 2 ready or not!!

Daniel Sukup

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Cathelyn Jones said...

Sounds like an awesome first week! So proud of you and your journey. Looks like this week should be just as exciting...I can tell the journey to each stop is exciting as well. You are getting to see a lot of beautiful country. Stay safe, have fun and have a fantastic week with your newest production group.