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Monday, January 12, 2015

Now it Starts!

What is crazy to me, that a year ago I was sitting in the basement of my parents home and thinking about heading back to school, in St. Louis. A year ago today, I was trying to get all the paper work done to get graduation in line, I was trying to not be mad at winter! A year ago today, I was focused on finding Summer work and finishing school. 

Now today, I don't sit in my parents basement watching Spongebob or have to write papers. I don't have to worry about "grades" any more or have to worry about that assignment that is due in 20 minutes. Today I am sitting in Columbia Falls, MT. I am sitting in a house that is not my parents. I am getting ready for day 1 of this 5 month adventure. I am figuring out what to do next. Today I am on my own!

It all starts today. We have had the two weeks of training that left our heads spinning out of control. We now know everything we need to, to be able to hit the road and have a successful trip! Today we hold our first every auditions to cast the show Jungle Book! We will be casting a show of 64 people! That means that two tour actors will be in charge of 64 amazing children that want to be apart of this world of theatre, or at least put their foot in the waters. 

I am nervous, needless to say, but I am prepared to be able to hit this day running and not "lose my cool" with the ship starts to sink. As I was told during Training: "you can either run from that sinking ship, or you can fight through it." And taking this words from a trainer, I will fight through it!

As it all starts today, the good emotions and vibes need to be here!

-Daniel Sukup


Cathelyn Jones said...

Yay for new adventures! I know y'all will do great with kids Daniel. I know you have a lot to offer in the theatre world and I imagine those working with you have the same enthusiasm!

Always in my prayers ya, Aunt cathelyn

Anonymous said...

Dan man where did that little boy go ,, the one that went to work with me,,,you will do just fine,, you are the eagle that has grown wings,,,,now fly,, it is scary at first,,, but in no time you will be master of the air waves,,,lova ya Daniel,,,,dad

Tami Sukup said...

Make sure to uplift each of those who you are now entrusted to you to build that love of theatre. Remember those who tried to snuff out your love, so that your never remembered as one of those directors. You have a passion for what you do so share that and get rest when you can. It's a huge undertaking but never has my son ever taken the easy road and you have always rose to challenges. God bless you and the life's you are about to touch. Stay safe, and always enjoy.