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Friday, January 23, 2015

End of another week!

This week has been name it, but one thing it definitely has been is MEMORABLE!

When I was young, I never wanted to have a job where I hated it or I felt like it was work. I remember even tell my parents this when I was young. "I would rather have a job that makes little money and be happy, then a job that pays great and not be happy." It took many "fights" to convince them I knew what I was talking about.

This week relates to this statement, it has been a lot of work, it has been stressful, but it has never once felt like work. It has felt like a hobby.

This week was our first week on our own, last week we had an on the road trainer, and this was why this week was stressful! However, Terry and I have kicked through the drowning feelings and have survived on our own!! Tonight we have a show, the true test is upon us on how well we did as a team and as directors!

This week has been amazing because these kids have put their hearts into this week! They have made sure that they would have a strong show when it came to show time! One thing I have noticed so far during these two residence weeks, the kids give it their all! They put so much into this week that it blows me away. It remind me of my childhood and how much I did in a day and my passion and the HUGE support I receive for my parents!

This week has been adventurous for many reasons! First: I learned (or practiced) how to weld with two different kinds of welds! I know one was an arc weld and the other was something else!:)

Second: I pulled out a dent from our homestay's truck that he is rebuilding! That was so much fun! To think that I have a spot on that truck that I helped with... it so COOL!! Third: Tomorrow (Saturday) we goto King Hill about 70 miles south of here to go snowshoeing! I have never done this before and I look forward to say that I have. My next goal this winter is to try cross country skiing! This looks like so much fun and a lot easier then downhill skiing!!

This week has been CRAZY! Last week we had the easy of have a full week of rehearsal and then a show on Saturday. This week we have a show on Friday and and that means we lose a day of rehearsal. For Terry and I it has been extremely fast pace and a great challenge for our first week on the road. I do want to add, even though it has been crazy for us, the students has done amazing!! Even with a day less of rehearsal we still got done with everything we needed to and ADDED CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!! I am so proud of them!!

And all of this adds up to a very memorable week!!

Hope all as been going great where you have been!  Continue to follow my adventures on INSTAGRAM! where you will find all of the photos you need to see my adventures through my eyes!

-Daniel Sukup

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Anonymous said...

Very cool bud ,, sounds as tho things are going well,, keep enjoying the hobby,,,,, love ya dad