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Friday, November 28, 2014


Wow! Two holidays in one post...ok, just one, the other is just a social norm to call it a holiday.

Hello All,

How was your thanksgiving?! Was it spent eating a lot of food, spending time with family or was it focused on SHOPPING FOR AMAZING DEALS?! Lets just say that if you choose the shopping over thanksgiving, you are part of the problem.

When did shopping in this country become the best damn thing since the history of man (thought I was going to say sliced bread)?

The deals that are offered on Black Friday could happen every single day, however you greedy business don't want to hurt their profit margins and thus only offer the deals one day a year. Should like you should go out and save thousands....or you could say screw it and not go out and spend hundreds.

Thanksgiving is a time for family, maybe if we started to spend time for family many problems in this country would be solved. We have become so materialistic in this country that it is not even funny any more.

Maybe, we need to start acting like we are apart of this human race, start caring for each other, start having emotional connections. Instead of worrying about having the latest and greatest product available. Stop acting like the 1% and start acting like a human.

If you really want that product, then get it some other time. Saving $200 on something is basically stating that you are willing to sell your family for $200. Is your family worth that much? If not, then stop this crap of "Black Friday" and spend it with meaningful people. Sit down and have real conversations, have laughs, cries, and the sharing of memories. You only get one thanksgiving a year. Take this away from hanging with meaningful people, that is one less time you get in a year. You can shop the rest of the 365 days, but let Thanksgiving and other holidays be about the people that mean the most to you.

Ok, I need to stop. Have an amazing weekend! I hope it is filled with memories and not items.

Daniel Sukup

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