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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Goodbye to November and Hello December!

Hello...Goodbye...Where did time go?

Hello All,

How was your Thanksgiving? Was it the best one in year or just another one that existed? No matter what it was, I hope there was a lot of FOOD!

Anyways, when we get to sit back and look at the past 30 days we see how much time was wasted and how much was well spent.

The last 30 days have been an adventure that I will not soon forget!

-23rd Birthday memories
-Missoula tour information
-Final month of my undergraduate career
-seeing old friends
-new sights
-advance in dance
-and so much more!

This is simply one month over look that has delivered me with great memories and adventure! I don't want any reader to think that this is a brag about my life, I want each and every single person to do this at the end of each month. Look Back, see the achievements, see the accomplishments (no matter how small or large) and enjoy what you find! Always look at the positive and appreciate what you find!

Now for the next month: December! Already lining up to be the greatest month of the year! From a major family vacation, ending my undergrad, and starting the real world! The future looks bright and will offer many memories!
This will be the last month of the year, aim high and achieve great memories and adventure! You may just surprise yourself!

HERE IS TO 2015!!

Have an amazing start to the week!!

Daniel Sukup

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