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Sunday, November 23, 2014


A number that has little being until the word that proceeds. 10 could be a lot of things. It is a number, but to increase the importance we add a word behind it. 10 thousand, 10 million, 10 years, 10 people, 10...10..10

10 is extremely important for the next 12 hours. It resembles something that is life changing.

Hello All!

Hope this weekend has been treating you will extreme gratitude. I hope that you have been able to relax, unwind, and prepare for the holiday ahead. Which makes me think: What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving feast is a must and I only can hope you spend it with meaningful family members or friends!

Now to get back to the meaning of 10.

10 Days...10 DAYS is all the school days I have left with my undergrad. For over 18 years of schooling, it comes down to
10 days left. Since we all started pre-school, not understanding what this thing called life is, to elementary school where all we need was recess and our ABC's, to middle school where all we cared about was whose party we were getting invited to, to high school where we cared about what sport or how popular you were, to college where we cared about what we studied, to the final moments where we look back and ask where did it all go?

With four and a half years that have flown by quicker then the commercials in-between our favorite tv shows. It is outstanding to have this feeling of excitement and adventure. Now we care about what is ahead.

As I close the chapter quicker then I had ever thought in my life, I look at where I have come and where I am about to go. I want everyone to do the same.

We need to ask ourselves if we have been focusing on what we want in our life or have we been focusing on how we can help others. As my email signature states: Make today a glorious day, you never know who you will influence.

Remember that, how can you influence someone? Start by being positive and it will grow from there. Where do I want to go with my Art? What do I want to do? These are answers that I will answer in my next post. I want every single person to look at this and think not about you but about them. Before you know it, you will have an end to a chapter and you will not be able to go back. Change it now, so when your chapter does end, you will see the greatness you have left behind.

Until next time,


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