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Friday, October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween!

It can be a crazy time, for sure! Today marks that last day of the month, 37 days till graduation, and the 5 week mark left of school! 

Halloween a Christian holiday? Orginally Halloween was a Christian day, it existed as a time to remember, pray, to the saints and the recent loved ones who pasted away. 

Many different cultures have different ways celebrate. Some will give offering for the dead, showing them that they are welcome. Also lighting candles to light the way.

Now Halloween has a larger background,  with so many differnt culture. If you want to read more about this holiday then google it! 

I wanted to just give a snipet!!

If you dot follow along on my Instagram page then you have been missing out of my challenge365! 

Last time I wrote a blog I was at post 4 I think. Below you will find 5-10.5. Enjoy:


As we approach a time,
One that many fear. 
My shorts get scared,
The pants beg for attention. 
The land is fearing,
As the temp tips down. 
Soon green will be gone,
White will be here. 
Bring joy for some,
Hate for the rest. 



Just stop with your antic
Just stop with your annoyance
I am done, I won't, I don't.
How can I be more raw? 
I scream it loud as thunder,
You stare blankly as you repeat. 
Just stop with your Frantic
Just stop with your flamboyance 
I quite, I move, I leave, 


Tic, tock, tic, tock
The time clicks on.  
Tic, tock, tic, tock
Wasting like a con.
Tic, tock, tic, tock
Mood, a dying swan.   
Tic, tock, tic, tock 
PLEASE stop the pawn.
It hurts, kills, destroys
Respect your fellow friend
Tic, Tock, Tic, Tock


The joy of the mornings
Having the world to yourself
Where imagination creates without warning. 
Maybe one yellow spotted elf,
That wake you with his snoring. 
Maybe a giant snake sitting on your self,
That tells you your mothers is calling. 
 Maybe a purple, two headed giraffe who cleans himself
That watches all the sports and does all the scoring. 
Maybe a 5 legged, 16 armed, kola that cleans itself,
That loves to go walking. 
Whatever your imagination creates, 
You have the power to do it all. 
Have an adventures morning. 



I wish I never
I wish I could go back
Form that time I posted that. 

I wish I could rewrite
I wish I could try again
From that time it changed everything. 

Mistakes happen everyday
They can eat us up 
They can tear us apart
Shred your confidence 
Only if we let it. 

When we look at the M word
Let's face it as we ready for battle. 
Charge head front and conquer 
Battle until the M is smaller then an atom. 

Take your experience, apply it. 
Own it for future use 
Until the next battle, prepare!
It comes soon. 


The day of the dead,
The past that bled red
Awake, all misled. 
They walk around, unsaid, 
Hunger for a loaf of bread,
We yell for them to go ahead,
As we see one in a creek bed,
Who simply looks misread
All he wants is his old wed. 
Can we help this undead?



When we write
We let our emotions pour out
So everyone can see our rawness. 
When we are able to do this
People will experience the greatest gift of all
The experience of human. 

To have this affect on a person
Will give us great strength 
However the question remains
Do we write for them or 
Do we write for us?


That is it for this week! Come back next week for more poems, more memories, more fun, and maybe a new series!;)

Have a great night 


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