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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lighted Audience

Lighted Audience

The show starts, rising the curtain for new and old. 
The stage comes alive with tales of adventure far away. 
Stories of battles and love all told through the life of humans. 
When these humans look out to sea, they fear for their lives. 
Out there tiny lights illuminate, all in fear of battle, they prepare. 

More lights, now beeps, the stage has changed to fight. 
More lights, beeps, the humans telling the story strike. 
The realization comes, there is no battle, threat, only audience that come to enjoy...
...Enjoy their phones, as the story is told. Worried about that like. 
What was to be a battle, soon was realized to be no one paying attention. 
The humans telling this story, leave, the stage is empty, the audience is full, all glued to their phones. 

-Daniel Sukup 

This is poem #4 of 365! This came about from a show that I am working. When I did not have a cue to look out for, I would take a picture of all of the people on their phones. I got bored after 10 different people, who did not try to hide it!


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Thank you for reading, have a great weekend!

Daniel Sukup

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