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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Beautiful weekend

This past weekend I made a trip to this incredible place I call her me!

Hello all,

Hope all is well! Let the adventures begin for a new week!

As I was saying, I went home last weekend and it was a blast! Went camping with my family, did nothing but relax. Now the only thing that was hard about this trip: 6.5 hour drive! No matter how much I drive that rode, I get so bored!! 

Any who, when I drive I get to thinking about things! I am very excited to say that is have come up with some ideas for a theatre company that I shall create in the way future! 

This juice of this post is simply that I am reflecting everyday on my life, college career, my profession, and many other things. I am heading into a new chapter of my life and I am more then ready to grab my pen and write, but sometimes it gets a little nerve racking! 

I do know I will have a lot of chapters in my life, it may be a long book, but I do know that when I am done, it will be a best seller!:) I hope that you all enjoy this ride I am going on and you are apart of! Without you, who would know my adventures!?

Anyways, keep an eye out this week for more information on my next job, new writings (may get into short stories this week), maybe you will see some drawings! It will be a mashed up week, but it wi be fun! 

Have an amazing week,


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