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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Scorpio Season



If you care at all, it means that my birthday is getting really really close! A little over a month and a half!:) but that who is counting! 

This is the start of October, obvious if you have looked at a calendar in the past 72 hours you would know that it was coming! 

This is a great month for activities! Pumpkin picking, haunted houses, amusement parks, and so much more! 

It is also a sad time, amusement parks closing, the W season coming! Well mainly those to items make it sad!:D

Lately I have been update my website to a fresh look, better layout, and a design change. I will keep you all posted with the publishing of that. 

Also: I have been keeping strong at interning at DaySprings school of the arts! We are working on the Mario set build right now! Let's just say it is pretty BA!:)

Next: I have been placing the finishing touches on with MCT, working with some friends for their capstone, and one more thing (but I have not decided on it yet.)

I guess finally, a new writing. Just a heads up, even if I don't get on published here, I write everyday! I am still sticking to my challenge 100 poems, 100 days! 


Every day my eyes open
I see it like a monster from hell 
Acting like a pig's pen
Wish it all gone with a hit of the bell. 

Trash, filth, grime
All leaves a path, sore to the eye
For if I had a dime
From this sight that cause me to dye,

I would have a dime. 

My point, we clean for you, not us. 
We clean the 6 walls around you
You never thank us
You walk all over us
You think it is easy. 

I ask that for one day
You walk in our shoes
Be a housekeeper

Then you will see
The dime is worth more 
Then the respect you give us. 

-Daniel Sukup 

Have an amazing week, talk to you soon,

Daniel! 😃

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