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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Time flies

Hello all,

Well I know it has been a few days since my last post!:) opps! Lol but I have been sidetracked with a new book series! 

I went to see the movie 'Mazerunner' and was thrilled! It was a very good surival theme story! Even though their are so many of these siri vials out their now, Hunger Games, Divergent, and other, this movie offers a new take. Basically it is not about population control or force job placement. 

This happens to be about a group of teenage boys that we're place in the glade, a boxed field that is surrounded by a maze. They have to solve this maze to escape. 

That is the a simple background, don't want to give out more. 

Anyways, I started to read the series and the movie and book are very different. This is not bad aim any means. Look at Walking Dead. These books are incredible and Dashner knows how to write in a way that when a chapter finishes, you have to read the next one! I am already on book 2 out of 4. Hopefully I will have them done by next weekend. 

Now moving on to other things. At one point I was writing a poem a day. I have not stopped, just have not plushied any. Here is a simple one for today:


I have to. 

I am a person who has to
If the idea comes to me 
If the idea is present like reality TV. 

I have to try no matter what
Otherwise my mind rots with questions. 
My mind need to knows: possible?

Sometimes it is not
Somethimes it is 
But the decision is there after the try. 

Curiosity rules my life
I may only have nine lives
But atleast I know I tried
Even if pain of death happens. 

Ok that is a simple poem I wrote a few days ago when I injuries my heel bone!:)  I had to see if I could do something or not, well I could not!

Anywho, I need more coffe and food, have a wounderful weekend,

Daniel Sukup 

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