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Monday, August 25, 2014

The week of final

Hello all,

It is a crazy week ahead of me, and to be honest, it is a crazy rest of the year a head of me. 

First off this week! It is the last week to see Tecumseh! For the 2014 season!! If you get a chance you need to see this show! Simply incredible!! This year we are standing on a 6.5% attendance increase from last year! Last year we had a 2% increase!! 

Today marks the last Monday of the season! The last fight call of the season! My tours are winding down!:( I will have one final milestone this season on Friday!;) but what is it??

This season has been a blessing and it continues to blow me out of the water. Physically I was more prepared this year, but Kothee demands more then Leaning Tree and guess what! I was prepared for it all! I get to do it 6 more times! 

Last year I was new to this and it was my first major professional acting job! Now being a vet at this show, my confidence and ambition has only grew. I also better understand what roles best fit for me, not only in Tecumseh!, but else where! 

My goal this week is to write a new post about each of the 'last' and how they have helped me grow. 

As I mentioned earlier, today is our last fight call! We have these every Monday to refresh the fights, since we had a day off! 

Last year, I had not one drop of stage fighting experience! However I have two year worth under my belt! I never thought I was a great stage fighter to begin with, but that idea has change this year. 

With more knowledge and experience, I have become a good stage fighter. Still have so much room to grow!:)

If you remember, ealier this summer I took a Quarterstaff class. This was my very first stage fighting class. It was taught by Jenny Male, a certified instructor of the SAFD. 

When you take an SPT (Skills Profiecy Test) class for Quarterstaff, you ave to complete 30 hours of class time and cover X amount of requirements to take the SPT. 

When you take the test you can either get a basic pass or a recommended pass. Both mean that you passed but the recommend pass means you have a first class ticket vs a coach ticket to Hawaii. 

I just heard what I received in that class and I passed with a ...drum roll... Recommend!!! I am thrilled to announce this! It shows that I have gained a lot of knowledge in stage fighting and will only continue to grow! I am many steps from where I was, and have many more to go!:) 

When I get the video from Mark, I will post it on Feceboon, here, and also my website!:)

I could not be more thankful for the experiences that I have been able to learn and take away from Tecusmeh!, they will forever be ingrained in my body and only help me go further!! I also could not be more thankful for Jenny Male pushing me so hard this year is all that I have done. 

-side note- as I am writing this I am gm eating pizza, well I just burning the back of my mouth! Great start to the afternoon!:)


This Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I plan on heading to some very special places. Keep an eye out for what they are. They do entail earthworks!;)

Also keep a look out each day this week to read about another final!:)

Daniel Sukup 


Anonymous said...

Dan man it is so neat to read your post, with the excitement you put into it,what a quick summer,,,, the show is so awesome the talent of all the actors is so unique,,to all who haven't seen it,,,,,,your ya bud


Daniel Sukup said...

I am glad you enjoy them!:)