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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Final Week pt. 2

Hello All,

Today is another last for me. Not as big as the last fight call, but today is the last wig cleaning! Something so small, but yet super exciting.

After a show, once a week, we all have to clean our wigs. This simply entails taking out all of the accessories and all of the braids. Then it get soaked in a bucket filled with cleaning stuff. After a good soaking, it gets washed out and hung out to dry. That is all there is to a wig cleaning.

Tonight I have my very last one! After 12 wig cleanings this summer, the final one is today! Even though it can be annoying to clean a wig after a long show, it has taught me how to properly maintain a wig. This can come as a big help at other jobs in the future.

Moving on...

However tonight is also a very special night for the Cast of Tecumseh!, we have our award show tonight!

We give out what Rockies! These are award for best actor in a Second Season show, Best Director in a Second Season show, Best Ad-Lib, Worst Ad-Lib, Best Attitude, Most Badass Fight, and many others.

Last year I won the Rocky for the worst Ad-Lib. I don't know which one it was, but I won a Rocky!!:)

I will have to see what happens tonight and let you know of all of the winner tomorrow morning when part 3 is published!:)

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