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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Red Horse

Hello All,

This season at Tecumseh! I am the understudy of Red Horse and for the past two nights I have been going in for Red Horse and tonight is the last night for me to do so. This has been incredible experience and so much fun!

The first night going in for Red Horse was a challenge, as it was something that I don't do normally, plus it is not my show. This all added to the nerves that I was prepared to face! I never realized how dirty that Mark (who plays Red Horse) got during the show, but now I do. This just added to the fun!

The first night, I was extremely nervous, but last night I was so much more confident and got to have fun! The scalping of the captive was a blast! Getting that much stage blood on me was awesome!

The opportunity to be able to work with Tecumseh was incredible. I have not been given a chance to do a scene with him in the two years. The intensity that he delivers, drove me to push harder in the scene to get 'his head on straight'.

I think one strange part about Red Horse, is the fact that you have 20 Shawnee men looking at your every move to see what you are about to do!

Mark has taught me a lot about this role and made sure that I was 100% prepared to face this opportunity. From the incidentals to the captive killing and simply the stance on the scene. I could not thank him enough for the help he provided. I would not have been as prepared as I was, with out his help!!

I have one more night of this awesomeness and only one more week of this incredible show! If you get a chance to see this show, please come and see it! You never know what you may see!

I hope everyone is having an amazing time, as summer is wrapping up! I have so much in the coming days to write about, keep a look out to see what happens!!

Daniel Sukup

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