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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Another Milestone

Hello all,

Another milestone had past for me, to be honest two milestones have past!

1) for the 2014 season, we have offically done 50 shows!! That is incredible to think that we have put on this show 50 times!! What happened with this summer?? I know it has been flying by for me. How about you? 

50 shows means that I have died 50 times, been knocked out by Raybud 50 times, have fallen 50 times, and so much more! I wonder how many miles this has been??

The next milestone:

2) I personally have completed 125 shows of Tecumseh! 73 as Leasning Tree, 1 as Frog Hunter, 51 as Kothee, and 1 as Barking Fox! 

Let me tell you this has been an amazing experience! To do this all in two years is incredible! Here is to the final 22 shows of the 2014 season!! 

Now I leave you with this:

You maybe asking what is up with your knee? You will find out soon enough!;)

Daniel Sukup 


the mother ship said...

You are the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok so what is up with the knee .... Wondering,,

Daniel Sukup said...

I sprained My right knee!:(

Anonymous said...