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Monday, August 4, 2014

Hocking Hills

Hello all,

This past weekend (where does the time go) I went to Hocking Hills! I can offically say that I now have been to all 6 major parks in the Hocking Hills area!

They all offer their own incredible features and it is extremely hard for me to say which on is my favorite! 

This weekend I went to the Rock House, Conkle's Hollow, and Cantwell Cliffs. These three parks offered something different, making them an adventure to walk through! 

The rock house feature the only true cave feature in the Hocking Hills area! This cave is about 100-150 feet long and the story goes that it used to house criminals as they were trying to hide from the authority. 

The next place I visited was the Cantwell Clifss. They offered a beautiful view with a giant cut out in the sandstone. It reminded me of a side of a fish bowl! The coolest feature about this is your prespective gets thrown for a spin! Becuase of this curved wall, everything seems further then it is!!

Finally I hit the final stop, Conkle's Hollow! With incredible views of the valley below. This place is so dangerous they have postings about not becoming a stat! The rim trail is 200 feet above the valley!! One wrong step, you are done! However if you are brave enough to take the leap of faith, the views will forever be rewarding. 

After seeing these three outstanding parks, it hit me that I should get a hotel room and relax!:) lets just say that I listened to my instinct and had an amazing night of rest, relaxation, and sleeping!

Look for photos to be posted on my Facebook page in the near future!:)

There are only 4 full weeks left of this summer, I have much more planned! Keep following along to be a sidekick to the adventures!

Till next time!


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