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Monday, August 11, 2014


Hello all,

The past few days have been very rough!:( 

I have not been able to write anything at all becuase I was under the weather!:(

It was so bad that one night it got down to 75(ish) and I slept with my winter coat, sweat pants, blankets, and comfortable! I did not even sweat that night!:) 

Anyways I am feeling much better!

I wanted to tell you this last week, 

I have now completed 125 shows of Tecumseh! This is simply another amazing accomplishment!:D

Before I leave this post for good, here are some hints:

Look for a post about what happened yesterday (Sunday)! I have so much information that it will be a two part post!:)

Also, this summer has had many milestones! Well I am about to hit another one in the coming weeks, but what is it?

Find out soon, I will give you hints about it!:)


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