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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 9th

Hello all,

I can't play poker. 

Today is a great day! The weather is beautiful and the sun is shining. How should a day like this be spent?

How about a run?

Well, I would agree but I got up to late this morning. I need to go for a long run soon. I have a course picked out that would total 14 miles. I want to run it, but have not had the time, In all honesty. It takes about 4 hours of my day to do such a run. When I go out for a run like that, I tend to take moments and enjoy the view, I write, I think, and I clear my mind. 

So how about a new experience then?

Well that sounds like a great idea! Today starts the second day of my quarter staff class with Jenny Male. 

At the end of this class I will be able to take a skills profiency test. If I pass then I will be reconized by the SAFD in that weapon! :)

We have to have approximately 30 hours with the weapon to get tested. Today we have a 2 hour class on the main stage. It will be much excite to see what new thing I learn with the quater staff. 

This class interested me becuase in one of the battles in Trcumseh! I use a spear and this class will help me better understand the weapon and I can use this knowledge to make the fight look stronger. 

I will keep you all posted on the happenings with this class over the next 2 weeks! I will be a thrilling adventure to follow along!:)

In other news:

Ashley (our makeup artist) and I (plus many others) will be taking adventurs to abandoned places in Ohio!:) look out for a posting or two about these adventures!!!

Have a great week!


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